Understanding Global Warming Causes - Do You Have Sufficient Information?

One subject that gets talked about a lot these days is global warming causes because the future of the planet and of our species is linked to it. It refers to the phenomenon of the planet getting warmer over time with a lot of disastrous consequences. The understanding of global warming is necessary before one can take steps to prevent it. However, there is no consensus amongst scientists about what is the main cause of it.

What is understood is that certain gases, especially carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, get released into the atmosphere where they prevent heat from the planet being dissipated into space. This effect is like a blanket or a greenhouse and results in a variety of changed climactic conditions.

Most global warming causes can unfortunately be attributed directly to man. Our unbridled greed and consumption in the name of progress causes us to pollute the environment dreadfully. Factories and industries need to run in order to feed our need for more things and they consume a lot of power. This results in fossil fuels being used. These fuels are also used to power automobiles, thereby adding more pollution to the environment. The very fact of extracting fossil fuels such as coal and oil results in a lot of methane being released from under the earth.

The earth's growing human population is also one of the most important global warming causes. The billions of people who now inhabit the planet need to be fed, clothed, entertained etc. This results in an ever increasing amount of pressure to burn fossil fuels, resulting in more carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.

The spurt in human population also results in the felling of large areas of forests, thereby reducing the number of trees available to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. In addition, the vast numbers of people living on the planet also exhale carbon dioxide, thereby adding to the greenhouse effect.

Scientists say that methane is far more dangerous than the same quantity of carbon dioxide when it comes to global warming causes and that we should work towards reducing its emission as well. Livestock from dairy farms produce huge amounts of methane that is released into the atmosphere. However, there are natural sources of this gas as well that have nothing to do with human beings. Wetlands all over the world contribute a lot of methane to the atmosphere and so does the Tundra region. Nitrous oxide, released from fertilizers, also contributes to the greenhouse effect.

According to scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) set up by the United Nations, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is increasing at a very fast pace. This represents a huge problem for us because certain parts of the world are already seeing the consequences in the form of rising sea levels, decreased fishing, changed weather patterns etc. It is therefore the responsibility of each one of us to reduce our consumption of things and make changes in our lifestyle now that we know what global warming causes are.

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