Global warming and the future of earth

In 2055, man will have become immortal, some believe. As we are approaching a time when computers will be not only smart, but smarter human beings. This will change our bodies, our civilization and our entire way of life. This thesis stems from astrophysics, which describes a point in space-time such as a black hole where ordinary rules fall apart.

This theory applied that to the human race will transcend body and mind is carried by someone regarded as one of the greatest scientific geniuses of our time, described as a ruthless genius and as a thinking machine. According to his calculations, the end of civilization as we know it will happen in 50 years.

Under his leadership, the university hosted by NASA and one of its main sponsors is Google. Everything starts with the observation that computers are increasingly fast and powerful and that this development does not slow down, on the contrary. This means that at some close point they will be able to reach something comparable to human intelligence. All this power and speed will be able to emulate what we have in the brain, including consciousness, that is to say not only do super fast calculations and compose music, but frive cars, write books, make ethical decisions or judge the quality of a painting. If one understands and accepts this view and some very bright people are convinced that it is imminent, then anything is possible. There is no reason to believe that computers will cease to become even more powerful.

World above nature

When we are confronted with elements of nature, man always feels surprised and still face the elements that go beyond, like if we online black jack, not knowing the ourcome of the game even though we feel we understand it. He thinks that there is a matter of luck or bad luck or that he needs to go find culprits if something goes wrong even in pure gambling. Faced with this new disaster of global warming, what can we do?

Faced with such questions, the elements of nature have never been stable. But it's our society that is new in a world that wanted us to believe that the world was stable. However, all geologists and historians tell us all that the earth moves, that erosion is omni present. Tectonic plates shows us clearly that the Earth is alive in a slow motion. This geological truth makes us forget that our ancestors experienced the turmoil of a nature that can be devastating. But at that time, there was no television, no media able to let us remember what really happened. Some writings recall the tragedy. At that time, humanity did not intend to reach 8 billion people, humanity did not have as many buildings and technologies dependent on a system that is so sure of himself .

Disasters are not new, and what is new is not to observe them. We created our own opportunities for development which gave us great comfort and helped bring us to a life expectancy beyond all hope. This chance was given to us by the evolution of our own civilization. The weather was typically chaotic and accidentally became stable. This is the accident of this stability that allowed the development of our civilization. Without it, we would probably still in the Stone Age, or we would be missing as the other branches of men which vanished. We became the only surviving branch. All this was not luck but a pure coincidence in a world that moves at all under the law of chaos and luck.

It is impossible to predict the behavior of these superhuman intelligences with whom we will one day share the planet, as it is impossible to predict the future of antartica and to know if one day it will be inhabited by us. But theories abound. Maybe we are going to merge with the machines and become surperintelligent cyborgs using computers to increase our capacity. Perhaps artificial intelligence will allow us to extend our lives indefinitely. Maybe we will become pure spirits and live inside these machines. Perhaps computers will turn against their creators and erases humanity.

One thing that all these theories have in common is the transformation of our species into something that will never be humanity as we know it now. Originally there is a mathematical phenomenon often used in theoretical physics. This is the description of an object which ceases to be possible because one or more variables that describe it become infinite. It is postulated that the exponential growth of technology will soon reach a point beyond which we can guess what will happen. Extrapolating Moore's law, it appears that in 2050, man has created a superior intelligence to his own ending of the human era.

This event or rupture is a phase transition, something that occurs in a short time. Spurred on by this acceleration, this sudden and unexpected transformation, the world will change in nature. Roughly speaking, we can divide this vision in two major trends, however not contradictory: the first assumes that the acceleration of technological progress will destroy our civilization. The second course insists on a fundamental point, the exponential growth of a specific variable: intelligence.

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